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Dear coffee connoisseurs,

Welcome to the world of instantly great tasting gourmet coffee.

What if I tell you there is a coffee drink out there that offers you quality gourmet coffee within a minute? Isn’t that wonderful? I bet it is highly anticipated by you and your friends and the whole coffee fraternity in North America, right?

Announcing for the first time in North America - “Café 99 - The best tasting Gourmet coffee in USA”

Just enjoy the aroma, the delicious, full body taste. This “one cup of Joe” can overcome your senses and makes a “kick start” to any activities of your day.

Here in So Cal Coffee Company, our goal is to make every coffee lover happy with this wonderful drink, anytime, anyplace.

Now, from the comfort of your home, your office, your vacation spot, or wherever you are, you can enjoy a cup of premium Gourmet coffee in seconds with Café 99. 

As simple as pouring the well balanced blend of world class coffee premix powder into your mug and then add hot water (preferable between 80 – 85 C), stir it up and bring forth the wholesome essence of a perfect cup of premium gourmet coffee. It’s so, so delicious.

Few things you should know about Café 99 Premium Gourmet Coffee

  1. Signature Blend & Flavors – Crafted by coffee masters, Café 99 uses the highest quality of Arabica coffee beans extract and micro ground roasted coffee from the high mountains of Brazil & Colombia. The proprietary blend includes selected Robusta coffee bean extract from the volcanic rich varieties of coffee from Indonesia. It is so unique and different from every coffee variety out there.

Your favorite Joe will always taste the same great goodness time and again.

  1. Gourmet Coffee Aroma, Tasty and HealthyChoice – Café 99 offers low-calories options (No Sugar White Coffee at 110 calorie), Convenience (3 in 1 options with milk and sweetener sachets (190 calories per sachet)?

We also just launched the healthiest coffee in the market. It’s one of a kind functional coffee with Maca (from South America) and Tongkat Ali (from Malaysia). Check out the benefits (see the link) of consuming this delicious coffee drink!

  • Money Saving – Needless to say, every cup of coffee you enjoy at home, office or on the road is now cheaper with Café 99 series. Go on, share with your friends and tell them how much you are saving with your favorite Joe. Thank you, Café 99, 2 thumbs UP!!


  • American size it – For a great value to all you coffee drinkers, all the delicious Café 99 blends are made with American coffee connoisseurs in mind. Unlike all the instant coffee in the market (at 10 g to 20 g per serving), Café 99 series packing size per sachets range from low calories 25g options to the whopping 40 g per sachet). All Café 99 powdered coffee drinks are individually packed (using 3 layered metalized material) for the 100% insulation from contamination and yet preserve and retain the aroma, freshness and the deliciousness in every cup


  • Visit our link to further enjoy the most versatile and delicious coffee drink, ever!

Enjoy it hot or cold. Summertime is coffee time too, right? Make a frappuccino out of it, Mochaccino too. Or straight, ice coffee for your perfect fun drink.

 This is the Café 99 range of Gourmet coffee.

Just try the various types and see the uniqueness and difference from one another.

Have fun, have Café 99 as your traveling companion.

Pack the coffee with you in your travel bag.

Add to hot water for the perfect, anytime coffee drink.

Pour over ice for the every ready fun iced coffee drink.


True Coffee lovers are very selective on the type of coffee they drink. Check out these 6 Signature Flavors to you:

  1. White Coffee (Original) – A perfect balance of a good coffee drink – the right nuttiness and richness. A perfect cup of coffee, for every occasion. Pour over ice for the “frappuccino like” ice coffee drink.

  2. White Coffee (Sugar Free) – A perfect balance of satisfying medium body and crisp coffee acidity with a good coffee note. It expresses a light rounded blend of unsweetened coffee drink. Can compliment with your low calorie diet.

  3. Maca & Tongkat Ali – Composed of premium Colombia Supremo coffee beans extract. It’s the perfect drink especially for those who fancy Colombian style coffee drink with much goodness. Maca and Tongkat Ali (both a powerful anti oxidant roots and a good energy booster) extracts are added to boost this unique drink. One of the best functional coffees in the world.

  4. Hazel nut – Blended from the finest beans from Brazil & Colombia, the instant richness of this high intensity roast results in a balanced taste with notes of coffee bitterness and rich hazelnut oil. A delightful drink, hot and cold or ice blended.

  5. Durian– A well-balanced coffee with medium acidity and body, the durian unique aroma permeates and blends with the coffee aroma. There is no other drink like the Café 99 durian coffee. This coffee has a sweet deep flavor with low bitterness level.

  6. Charcoal Roast – A strong bodied coffee with a robust taste like no other. Due to its coffee strength and is less milk formulation, it is suitable for coffee variations such as cafe latte or cappuccino. Dissolve in some hot water and pour over ice for the rich coffee drink any time.


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